Our Story

Making pretty and sustainable kitchen towels with a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and people.

See how and the why your towels are made

We choose sustainable materials to save our Earth. We choose life-giving designs to bring light to homes. We choose donating to change the world. 


Recycled Materials


Our Kitchen Mission.

For every 2 towels 1 is dontated to a Mission or Charity. Pretty designs with a higher purpose.


Black Mom-Owned Business.


Bacteria Resistant Weave

Stephanie Miller is what we call the beauty behind the everyday operations and head designer. She loves spending time with her husband and 3 boys, participating and leading Bible Studies, taking part in her kids’ school, and of course the occasional moms night outings (but home before bedtime) ;)
After having her third son, Stephanie made the jump from working full time for one of the largest beauty companies in the world, to staying home with her babies. While Stephanie knew staying home with her 3 boys was the mission God called her to, creativity continued to be an outlet and something she would ultimately come back to! 
Stephanie always had a passion for beauty, design, and loving on others in this way, but in the busy-ness of running a household, and running her 3 boys around town with sport practices that passion took a back seat.
Until, friend, Elene approached Stephanie about a product that was not only beautiful but a game changer in the home, and so was born Absorb Lumen! The best part, Stephanie could use her design skills, do it while her babies were in school, AND give back to local charities near and dear to her heart! 
As the main designer at Absorb Lumen, Stephanie has a deep love for philanthropy, most of her designs are inspired by the many causes Absorb Lumen partners with, the “why” is everything!

Elene is what we like to call the brains behind Absorb Lumen. She  is a mom of four little ones. Her mom came over as immigrant seeking the American dream, and her dad was only allowed to attend all-black schools here in America. Seeing her parents rise against all odds has inspired Elene to start a company and will do good for the world.

She knew that God was calling her to bring life and light into homes, so she created pretty-yet functional kitchen towels to  bring light to homes with the hope of bringing light to every gathering place around the world.

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