Our Story

Making pretty and sustainable kitchen towels with a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and people.

See how and the why your towels are made

We choose sustainable materials to save our Earth. We choose life-giving designs to bring light to homes. We choose donating to change the world. 


Recycled Materials


Our Kitchen Mission.

For every 2 towels 1 is dontated to a Mission or Charity. Pretty designs with a higher purpose.


Mom-Owned Business.


Bacteria Resistant Weave

Lovin' on your Towels

. With our recommended care instructions, you’ll never have to worry about premature wear and tear. Regular wash with mild detergent, cold or warm water, and little or no fabric softener. 


Dry on low heat – Our highly absorbent towels are designed to dry quickly and easily, so there’s no need for high heat. In fact, it’s recommended to avoid drying with cotton products. We are suppose to tell you to “Stick to our microfiber family for best results and say goodbye to pesky lint. ” But in all honesty, we have been known to wash with kiddos’ uniforms and they are just fine!


Easy care for long-lasting use – No complicated instructions here! Simply follow our recommended washing and drying tips for maximum effectiveness and longevity of your  towels. And don’t even think about ironing – who has time for that? Sit back, relax, and enjoy your soft and durable towels.


Superior quality materials – We use only the best microfiber fabrics in our Absorb-Lumen Towels, making them perfect for everyday use. Say goodbye to traditional cotton towels that leave behind residue and hello to a more hygienic option. For lighter colors avoid washing with things like rich-dyed jeans that are known to transfer dye on anything!  Like colors is best. 

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